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Ba Zi Four Pillars Calculator Software


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Ba Zi Astrology Calculator

This software comes courtesy of FourPillars.net. For a free copy of Danny’s programme Four Pillars 1.1 that also calculates 9 star Ki and Flying Star charts go to -                        http://www.fourpillars.net/fourp.php

For this online version, simply use the drop-down menus on each Pillar to enter your birth data, press the calculate button and the software will show your Ba Zi Astrology Chart.



Want to know more about your Ba Zi Astrology? Click on our Courses page and order a course. If you’d just like more information, then just send us an email or give us a quick call.




Remember that ALL of our Feng Shui services come with a Ba Zi reading for everyone that occupies the home. In fact you can make some very major Feng Shui adjustments just by using your Four Pillars Ba Zi Astrology.




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